Moose announced this morning that she wanted a ‘day out’. So we chatted over breakfast about what we could do and chose a trip to our local conservation park. She chose a mummy made dress, a little ‘handbag’ and seriously informed our kitten “you stay here, to many big animals will scare you’ before we left. Cameras in hand and picnic packed we headed off after a quick drink at our local haunt. The park is only a 20 min drive down the road.

It was a lovely morning, the sun came out, it peaked at 22 degrees and we had a brilliant time. 

Moose was on great form, chatting up a storm and loving being out. We rode the train, saw the animals and picnic’d in the sun. Perfect time with my girl, she’s just so much fun to hang out with and I love getting an insight to her view of the world. The way children see things, their experiences and interactions are all so inlightening. I hope that by sharing these little adventures I get to know her better, understand her more and share in her world.







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