This week is another that has flown by. With me meaning to wrote long and wordy blog entries full of thought provoking insights on life and witty musings on life. Quite obviously this isn’t that post, it’s likely to be a dry photo predominant post with no wit to speak of and even less insight.

So this week has been good, we have had good enough weather for the most part (although still cold – I am done with winter thank you – feel free to skip the last month). Madam has been to a party, a couple of playdates (mum got to gossip and drink tea – win win) and has done huge amount of bouncing on the trampoline and riding.

We have had a couple of ‘terrible two’ bumps along the road, a few meltdowns (mostly from Moo, a couple from mumma) and many many reminders that you cannot hurry or push a child, they can only be guided, advised and encouraged. Some lessons are simply best learned the hard way. This weeks funniest was; when climbing onto a pony who is lying down, do so at the front by the mane, not over the ass, as when they stand up you need something to hold onto!

We have also been finding our calm spaces, the river is a big one, so peaceful, spacious and relaxing.

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She’d doing ever so well with her riding, Quinn is such a dude. She bounces along and shows such confidence. A lovely friend has lent us a old old but perfect felt pad for him so she’ll be riding in ¬†saddle as soon as I get the girth sorted. She’s even got little stirrups too. I think that she’ll be like me, riding is one of her calm spaces too.

In other news I’m hoping my camera will be back soon – I am so over using my phone for all photos!


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