So the last few days of the holiday were spent back at Vuda Marina on the boat, relaxing, swimming, music evenings. Bliss. It went so fast, literally flew by, with the perfect combination of relaxing and doing. No wasted days but also delightful quiet moments. Time to simply enjoy. And read books. I read 4. Yup 4 in 9 days!









After a swim on the final morning we flew home, a long day but good flights and little moo was awesome.

IMG 1068

It was a great holiday. I never did ‘family holidays’ as a kid, never really did extended family. It was so beautiful watching madam with her grandparents. How she interacts, her love and enjoyment in having more people in her life. Making new memories, tucking away special moments, little keepsakes, reminders in our home. So now we savour family time, unconditional love and awesome fun. Heres to lots more adventures.

The next is coming up, 3 times around the sun, celebrated with Nana Sue!

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