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This is really a garden update, that is to say the gardens doing well, we are continuously harvesting onions, zucchinis, carrots, beens, beets, and brassicas. Not to mention strawberries. Loads of strawberries, much to the delight of little madam. The peppers are filling out and I’m waiting for them to turn red and juicy. Still waiting for the tomatoes to turn too – although in the last week the number of little fruits on all the bushes has really increased. With warm weather and brassicas comes white butterflies and the caterpillars that come with them. Eating my veggies!

While harvesting today Moo noticed the little pretty white butterflies flitting about. So after some chatting about where they come from we did some art, well. She splashed pompoms and glue about and I tried to do something that resembled the circle of life – butterfly style. We had fun.

One thing I am surprised about this year is that although we have 5 raised beds going, plus a couple of other containers we really aren’t inundated, even with 5 zucchini plants prolifically producing we are coping just fine using everything on a day to day basis. Onions are being used as needed out of the ground, same with carrots and beets. We have enough beans but not to many. I wonder how much we would need to put in to be able to preserve an excess? I’m predicting a bit of a flux in tomatoes once they are all through and freezing a bit, but the rest – we just eat our way through it.

Winter garden wise I have plans for planting some parsnips as soon as I’ve straightened out the autumn carrot bed (job for this week) and I am starting broccoli, kale, kohl rabi, spinach and cauliflower in little paper pots for when the current carrot and paper/tomato beds are over and cleared out. Some ornamental kale will go round the garden boarder as colour for winter too.

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  1. Oh your garden is making me smile this morning. Mine is tucked under a heavy blanket of snow and I have been dreaming of spring and getting my hands dirty. Enjoy all that homegrown food.

    1. It wont be long till you’re planting out seedlings and watching them grow – enjoy this quieter period to rest and recoup before spring and summers madness 🙂

  2. great craft! this past summer (winter for you :)) we saw silkworms in our garden and i explained her they would soon be butterflies, but your art”s sweeter!
    for us summer was really bad in garden terms, just a few zucchinis and potatoes and carrots that we planted the past summer (too crazy!).

    1. Oh thats cool, I love it as they take interest in the natural world.
      My garden has been a real learning curve – last year was much more hit and miss. We are really lucky here as the weather (as long as you water everything) really encourages growth and harvest. I don’t think Id be half as successful in a more challenging climate.

  3. All those lovely vegetables! I just drew out a plan for our garden yesterday. Now to do something about the 9 inches of snow that’s falling!

  4. Aimee, I’m loving this garden update! I’m trying to stay all patient and just let these final weeks of winter roll by, but inside I’m screaming for the chance to have my bare feet in the garden soil again. Enjoy it all. Every last delicious bite my friend.

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