This moment – Joining Soulemama for a moment ffromt his week. A special extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause savour and remember.


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  1. You know, for a moment, when looking at this picture on a small scale in my blog list, I got a little bit excited and thought it was a scan photo! But I remember your post on why you want to stick to one gorgeous baby so I sort of knew it wasn’t. (And speaking as a Mum of 4, although I am very happy to have 4 and would never send any back, your reasons make perfect sense!) Anyway, beautiful moon! We had a power cut here last night, just as the moon was rising. It was perfect timing, we all stopped and looked out of the window at the huge, beautiful ball on the horizon. Not sure we would have noticed it with all the lights on. The moon always seems such a connecting constant – wherever we are in the world, whatever the scenery, weather, season – we all see the same moon.

  2. I hope you howled at that full moon after you took the photo 🙂 We have a ritual here that every full moon before be we go out and howl at the moon…so much fun!

    Great shot!

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