Ironically I had a great post planned for this moment. It was epic, funny, was going to even include good grammar and some stunning shots.
But. Yeah there a but. Pretty epic one. My camera. I left it in a cafe on the drive home. At our half way point. My post (the brilliant pithy one) was going to be about travelling with a camera, Feeling like a tourist. Oh the embarrassment.

But since my camera was abandoned by me. 3h away, possibly now in the possession of a hygienically challenged gap year student I have iPhone pics. Which I collaged for you. 

Queenstown in 8 slightly grainy. Very small. Not always in focus pics. We had a great time though. More on that later. I’m off to see what pics hubby has on his camera.

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  1. Oh no, you must have been gutted when you realised. Did you try phoning the cafe? You never know, someone might have handed it in and you might be able to organise for them to send it to you. Miracles like that do sometimes happen! I’m forever losing things, usually my purse, and I’ve been incredibly lucky so many times with it being handed in. These photos do look lovely, but I really feel for you losing your others. Queenstown looks gorgeous, glad you had a great time.

    1. In testament to human nature it was handed in 🙂 I should have it back tomorrow. Then I’ll do a huge post with far to many pics!!

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