The garden is beginning to look ‘autumny’ – that is to say the climbing beans have come down. Onions are coming up and being hung, as is the garlic. The tomatoes are slowly – slowly ripening. Strawberries by the bucketful. Courgettes are slowing down but the squash are coming through great guns. The pumpkin plant is enormous (must get some pictures) but very few fruits so far. I pulled the first of the rainbow carrots today. So exciting. Nim was delighted to see ‘pink’ carrots. Peppers are big enough to eat. 

The seedling trays are looking dull – we’ve had a few days of really cool weather (single digits at night, cold and rainy in the day) which have slowed them. My planted out seedlings are slow to come away – poor things went in a just the wrong moment weather wise.

Its delightful out there at the moment, there are weeds and dead bits and we are trying to get on top of it all, but it feels real and alive and where we want it to be. Today hubby and i were chatting and stood by his office door, looking out, we both used the term ‘oasis’. 

“As you walk through the desert of life, may you always find your oasis – a place where you can find safety and sustenance.”
Although the literal meaning of oasis is a green spot in the desert, it can also be used to describe a peaceful area in our everyday lives.

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  1. Look at all that goodness. I am still dreaming here, but seeds have been ordered and hopefully my hands will hit the dirt next month, as long as all this snow melts.

    1. We are so lucky, its gone through a lot of transformations over the past 4 years but we are finally feeling on top of it and like we can enjoy it.

  2. That all looks so beautiful, especially the carrots. We’ve never grown rainbow ones before, I think we might have to this year. And how wonderful to have your oasis right outside your back door.

  3. Oh that looks gorgeous! In Ireland we can only grow peppers and courgettes in polytunnels. Hopefully we’ll get ours up this year! I can’t wait to get gardening again soon…

    1. We are blessed here with decent summers (although we do irrigate due to the dryness) and a long growing season. I’d love a polytunnel though – imagine the possibilities!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m loving watching your little garden come to life and start giving you fantastic food.

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