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Prima Ballerina is a ironically appropriate term for my little lady at the moment. She rocks, but oh my. She rocks attitude as well. She is a complex mix of independence and bluster and awareness of how big the world is and insecurities about her place in it.

Ballet has been on her ‘to do’ list for a while. But I’ve ben dodging it for a number of reasons. Her age. The cost. Concentration span. Timidity with new places and people. But it all come together, A class mama didn’t mind the cost of, friends in the class, a leap in concentration. Boom.

Well, mostly – see that little person coming for a hug? Yeah, her. She does that every few minutes throughout the lesson. But she was smiling and happy and chatting to her teacher – who, incidentally is the sweetest girl. Just lovely.

So as that falls into place, we are working towards a similar ‘eureka’ moment with understanding and impulse control. Its coming, and we are trying to make sure we are calm and consistent. always supportive while maintaining those pesky boundaries that currently our little delight is tackling in a ‘head down and charge’ manner. She so want’s to be right, and in charge. Its so tough to discover that at 3 – however sure you are about it. However hard you go for it. You are not the master of your own destiny yet.

We try to soften the disappointment. And perhaps a glass of vino at the end of the day for mama?

Darn she’s cute though 


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  1. She is incredibly cute! And that class looks perfect, all relaxed and creative. My girls both do ballet and love it, they have a wonderful teacher too. Bet your prima ballerina gains even more confidence in the class really soon.

    1. Thank you, its a lovely class, and with all her buddies too. At this age I admire the teacher so much – it must be like herding cats!

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