Harvesting. 1.2kg of Paris Market carrots, washed, topped, blanched and into the freezer. Strawberries for pudding so often, roasted beets, huge beef tomatoes.



Made a Sally dress (again!) Heather Ross Fabric. It came together much better this time, I omitted the pockets and added a ruffle strip at the bottom. Huge hit.




Trike became bike. Wobbles and uncertainly. Success.



We found the tallest slide (hubby is not a dwarf – he’s 5’11!)


Not to mention sewing up a couple of trousers, digging over the carrot bed, the last of the spuds and the courgette bed. Ballet this week was a huge success. Epic fail on my part – took the camera and zoom .. no battery inside.

This week has been one of the ones that gets away from me. I have plans and intentions. Ideas and inspiration. The reality is that I thud from one day to the next, feeling slightly shell shocked. A passenger in my own life. But I figures that’s ok, just go with the flow – I’ve tried fight it before. fumbling to gain control and it never helps, never make me feel better. 

I’ve run twice, the dog is happy. Coffee with friends and a lovely 2 hours at the park in great company. Fabric bought for a quilt. That happens when you let go.

Hubby has also had a break through with his ITB knee injury. The city physio centre have been great and he’s been in for 3x physio and dry needling sessions. Scans and X-ray on monday. We have a slice of hope, that he will run again. (Brief history – used to run 3x a week, was running half mara’s in 1.24. Loved it)

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  1. oops, hope your husband gets better… i’ve had a knee surgery some years ago and i know what it is…
    those strawberries look so yummy, mmm!

  2. Sounds like a lovely, full week. Such a pretty dress, and very impressive bike riding, Fingers crossed for the knee.

    1. She’s doing so well, it was a fairly wobbly first few goes but she’s away now! Knee is looking good – doesn’t look surgical – yay!

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