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A winter coat by Big Little. She writes the lovely blog http://biglittletales.blogspot.co.nz/

The pattern was fantastic, easy to follow, great sizing, came together perfectly. It is the cutest coat EVER. I used my oh so precious Wee Wonder fabric for the lining, the outer is up-cycled pure wool blanket. 

I’m 100 delighted with it. Sadly (for me) Madam was not. Complete and total rejection! Its not often that happens, I usually manage to hit the mark, or close enough. But this. It was a flat no. I had to bribe her with choc eggs just to wear it for the photo shoot. She didn’t like the lining fabric (she wanted Heather Ross’s Briar Rose Strawberries) She’s not sold on the pink/purpleness of the outer either. Seriously, she’s a 3yr old girl who lives in dresses …. you’d think pink would hit the mark huh?

After a little sulk (ok, pretty big sulk, high chocolate consumption) I’m actually rather pleased. The coat in the pics above goes to a dear friend and her little daughter. And I get to have another bash at the awesome pattern again, perhaps throw in a few embellishments – a pocket, perhaps a little appliqué.

Now that’s a silver lining.

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  1. Oh no! Those three year old do have a way of exerting their opinions, don’t they? It’s adorable!! Truly. And I understand the sulk. For a solid year Zinnia wouldn’t wear dresses or skirts. In fact most of 3 she hasn’t worn any. I stopped making them after a few were harshly rejected. And so it goes! Now she’s into them again and asking me to make them so off I go in search of a birthday dress pattern.

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