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Some outtakes from this week, when I’ve grabbed the camera to take a quick, often unfocused, badly lit pictures.

Baking – cookies. Damn they were good. Yoghurt making. A new tea towel that makes me happy. A knitting project (dishcloths) and a book to read form a lovely friend. The equine dude who decided to nap on our front lawn – I adore having a free range only at this time of year. Pinecone decorations by a little lady, garlic hanging in the background – I grew that! A wet wet run and soggy feet – but it was fun. And my lady, in all her frozen yoghurt eating, bum wiggling glory. She is so funny.

This week had been good. Rainy. We have walked and biked when we could, sometimes just snuggling up when the weather said ‘no’ to outdoor activity. There have been highs – and lows. Such is parenting

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  1. I love your tea towel too! And we have a favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, with condensed milk, that looks exactly like yours, I reckon it might be the same, and I’d have to agree – they’re soooo good!

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