Total picture overload. Sorry. But really I’m not. After a week of rain the day dawned bright and there was a golden orb in the sky radiating heat. Awesome.

So on Easter Saturday we headed into the city to the museum (no pictures) and then to the botanic gardens to revel in the reds, golds, yellows and oranges of the season. Yes I am aware that for 95% of you reading this red, gold and orange are not the colours that leap to your minds when you think of Easter. I’m aware. It’s odd. 

But it was spectacular – seriously beautiful. The colours, the meandering river. Dabbled light through huge leaves. The paths and our little one, dashing along on her bike. She’s so speedy now. Confident and happy. There a lot of personality but she’s fun to take out and explore with. I think it suits her ever motoring brain and active body.

It was packed with families and couples. Old, young and in-between. Tourists. People marvelling at not only the natural colour and texture of the gardens and parks but also the beauty of a city that has previously been so devastated. In so many parts reduced to a chillingly literal state of rubble. 

It was a perfect autumn day. A wonderful start to the easter weekend.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, amazing light and colours. Did you feel any effects of the earthquake a few years ago yourself? Presumably you were out there then, were you?

    1. Thank you, the parks and gardens are beautiful. We had to have our house rebuilt after the quakes. 5 months living in motels. I’ll write a post on it soon, we have some great before and after pictures!

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