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The 3rd of May marked the 5th anniversary of our arriving here. Packing up our possessions and getting on a plane with 2 suitcases and a lot of enthusiasm. It was the start of a big adventure and what turned into a our new life. So this weekend we drove up to Castle Hill  for a walk and a picnic. We haven’t been up for a couple of years and had thought that it was further than it actually is. On 40 min from our house. It was a perfect autumn day, cool but sunny and we had a great time walking, climbing and chilling out in the sun. Madam ran and played and announced a number of times she wanted to come back ‘again and again and again’.

Its a high country hill station, still a working farm. The area has been used for films such as LoTR and Narnia. Its also a big climbing area, fixed ropes and bouldering. It’s also close to the ski field we use in the winter. Some days life just ticks on, but there are moments where we look around and go. Wow, we made it.

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    1. It was (still is at times!) but for us 100% worth it. That said theres still lots of the world we want to visit and explore

    1. Its great up there 🙂 Im from Devon in the UK originally, but we live in Canterbury at the moment.

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