Cheese straws for snacking

While finishing (or nearly finishing, not quite ready to properly photograph and enter in Magic Onions 2014 collection)

P7180024Untitled 7180021


I’m really hoping to complete a few more bits and get a lovely dawn light with a crispy frost, but you know, that might not actually happen, I may end up submitting variations of these. Or similar. Or it might snow and then I’ll get epic awesome snow pics, or not.

Speaking of snow it went for it today for an hour or so, but then cleared up and melted off. SO disappointed. Moo was too. She sat by the windows watching the flakes exclaiming every few minutes “mama its snow, real snow …. winter is here at last …. its been a long long time coming”. We are into town tomorrow to meet some lovely friends but hopefully on sunday we’ll be able to head to the hills and find some for her to play in.

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    1. Thank you, its certainly been a challenge making a winter one! Ive just got a few more bits I’d love to do in it. And if only we could have a light snow dusting for some pics!!

  1. what a lovely fairy garden!!! i didn’t ever thought about making something like that but now i want a fairy garden too!!!!!

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