After seeing the train, then playing in the snow we headed to Arthurs Pass for some lunch and hot drinks, then went for a lovely walk up to the water falls. Madam was pretty kooked by that point so she was happy to be worn. Toddlerwearing at its best. Except up the million stairs, when I thought my thighs and butt were on fire.

It was so beautiful in the woods, the light through the trees and the sparkles of snow on the shaded trees and rocks. The waterfall is spectacular, pics don’t do it justice. Water droplets frozen at the sides all the way down, and the rocks in the river all had ‘ice blankets’ over them. I couldn’t capture it right sadly.

It was a perfect adventure day. Long, full of fresh air. Hot chips and hot chocolate. Popcorn snacked on in the car, soggy gloves and breath warmed scarves. A reminder of why we choose to live here.

We chatted in the car (its a 100km journey both ways). A wonderful capsule in which we laugh and plan. Share our ideas. Hatch plans for upcoming weekends and months, and possibly years. I have a genuine love of car journeys, not just the anticipation of the destination, but just enjoying the journey. Songs to hum too, a little voice who contributes her 2c worth every few minutes.

Today we were enlightened about her displeasure at not getting to wear tights and dresses every day, her love of the Wombles song and little commentaries on what she was seeing outside. Doubled road signs are greeted with a exclamation of ‘snap’. Its surprising how many double road signs there are on that drive. More than I’d have through anyway!

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  1. the waterfalls look like they’ve stardust on the rocks… sometimes we dont have to travel for thousands of km to be in paradise!

  2. I love long drives too, for some of the same reasons. We do so much dreaming and planning when we drive.

    Gorgeous waterfall.

  3. It looks beautiful and your words help me imagine it in real life too. Almost makes me think that I won’t mind Winter coming again – and then I remember how wet and dreary it was this year and think NO! Lots more Summer to enjoy first!

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