So I though that now spring is here and nearly summer I’d resume my weekly walk in the garden



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The beds are mostly all full now, a brassica spring bed that so far resisting bolting. Peas, peppers and garlic behind the wind shelter (which saved them from the 160km/h winds last night). My skinny potato bed, the area behind the beds dug and plated with self seeded sunflowers and corn. A new bed for zucchini and tomatoes and herbs. The back area (with its empty bed ready for manure and a frame to protect the autumn brassicas) the lines of carrots and onions surrounded by garlic, peas and beans in lines the more shaded bed with some random self sewn peas and pumpkin plants in the front.

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  1. It looks really organised and so nearly ready to produce. I need you to keep showing me these pictures all the way through our Winter so I’m all motivated and fired up to get a little more out of our patch come Spring here!

  2. I love the way the garden looks in spring, everything all neat and today and full of promise. Looking forward to sharing your weekly walks xx

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