Nims present arrived late on Wednesday night. She was inside, watching Mary Poppins with all the curtains closed.


Madam went to bed. I spent the evening cleaning and scrubbing, hanging and arranging. Thursday the curtains stayed closed and we blindfolded madam to get her to and from preschool. Hubby cut carpet tiles and built shelf units. I sewed curtains and hung them. 

Friday morning dawn wet and raining but with open curtains and a very happy Moo as she turned 4. Four times around the sun. I am not sure where this time has gone. How suddenly my baby has changed.  She is intelligent with a sharp sense of humour. Seems to excel at most that she tries but has no inclination to show off the skills she has, preferring to quietly just get on with it. She can be dramatic and stubborn. Thoughtful and staunch.








Her face was pure delight and made the preceding 36hours totally worth it. She had worked out what it was – a tiny 2 second peek while retrieving a cat from the windowsill combined with not being allowed to look outside gave it away (nice to know she has her dads detective brain) but actually seeing it up close, going inside. Well that was magic.

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  1. Happy birthday to her, and happy birthing day to you!

    Wow, that was quite a feat, you go! It looks amazing, and her face says it all. I can see hours, heck years, of fun play ahead.

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