I will confess right off the bat that Ive never tie dyed anything before. I may have done something as a young child with a t-shirt and crushed blueberries thats the extent of my experience.

I bought this kit and some thrifted white bed sheets and a ruffled edged white pillow slip as I have the vague idea that I’d try dye dying a large piece of fabric to use in some project or other. After a  bit of googling I decided to try a spiral pattern and madam and I got up to some fun. 





The kit was super easy to use – fill the bottles with water and off you go. I watered down the bottles after doing the pillow slip so the duvet colours after a wash are actually quite soft and pastel. After dying we wrapped the fabric in cling wrap and left it sitting for about 6 hours before rinsing out and washing.

I think decided that since I have one sheet dyed and one sheet plain i would make madam a duvet cover as she keeps complaining her Peter Rabbit one is for ‘babies’. And I know we have some very cool ones coming with a visiter in the new year, but the handmade one would tide us over nicely. Also the thrifted sheets they are lovely pure cotton so perfect for summer.


Totally unrelated to the tie dying but a pic of the curtains I made for madams bedroom for her birthday. They are a long way from perfect and are a little small (I was being a cheapskate!) but they have blackout lining and do the job 95% of the way. The fabric was on offer at spotlight and the pinkly sum of 4.95mtr, the blackout lining was about $8mtr and they are the exact width I needed – so un-gathered when closed. So I’m calling success.

P1010003 2

If I can get another 2mtrs of the fabric I’ll all a bit extra to them to create a better fit. But I’m not to panicked about it. 

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  1. Your tie dyeing looks brilliant, and I love that umbrella fabric. If you get some more of it I think you should make Nim a cute dress rather than any more tinkering with the already lovely curtains! That’s if the weight is even slightly dress like anyway.

  2. i love her curtains!!! so happy and so kid-friendly (not as a room just in grey/white or whatever aseptic). and the tie dye’s great too!!!

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