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I actually made up this skirt as a quick make for Christmas. It’s a lovely design and such a easy sew by Violette Field Threads. I chose my rather hoarded and precious Heather Ross  fabric. I almost cried cutting into it. But I was glad I did. It made the loveliest skirt. Potentially not the very best choice since the skirt is cut on the circle but it worked out ok. 

Because its cut on the circle is perfect for twirling and hot summer days. It has a delightful curved waist in the front and is gathered with elastic in the back. There are optional bubble pockets – usually I’m not a pocket person but I like these!

Circle skirts are much more fabric hungry than traditionally made rectangular panel; gathered waist skirts – But I will confess I really do like how this skirt falls and moves. Definitely more in our future!

Pictures taken at the Buskers Festival in the Park

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  1. What gorgeous fabric, and it looks perfect in that skirt, I can imagine the twirling fun. I’ve had in mind to make a dress each for the girls with an upcycled top and a circle skirt, I must pick your brain for ideas because I haven’t got my head round how I get it to work in practise yet.

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