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Climbing rocks in the hills – she wore through an brand new pair of leggings right through the arse. It was worth it to see her happy face and pure joy.


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    1. thank you. they were definitely a casualty of fun – but Id prefer she had the fun and tore the leggings!

  1. they looked pretty, those leggings, you can maybe make something to recover them… and i see she’s the sketchers with light! i think we’ll buy a pair for wen this year too. beautiful photo, it seems like it was a hot day.

    1. they were lovely! Sadly by the end of the day the entire arse was missing (quite funny really) She loves those shoes (ha mama doesnt) I figure if it makes her happy than its ok.

  2. What gorgeous light. I’m totally for wearing out trousers generally, but it is a slight shame it happened to be such cute ones!

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