Now that madam is more proficiant on her bike and less likely to wobble off at the slightest uneven bit its also become somehwere we go with her to bike.

The woods near out house are a common haunt for us. Whether its a walk with friends, an escape from the indoor madness on drizzly or over hot days. A place we burn off energy. I run. We find peace when frazzled.

She loves the little bumps and undulations in the dirt track, stopping to examine bees, flowers, tree stumps and other oddities as she passes.

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  1. she’s a good bike rider!!! wendie’s tried to ride the bike without the learning wheels but she finds it hard for her, so she abandoned the bike for now…
    beautiful photos!

  2. Lovely photos, and how exciting – going off road must open up all sorts of new adventures. Will you be able to run as she rides now too?

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