Autumn is here, cooler nights, bonfires and woodburners going. Fruit and veggies form the garden. Peppers, courgettes, spinach and kale. Carrots and peaches.
Sunny days outdoors, sidewalk chalk and bike riding. The chiminea burning rosemary twigs and scenting the washing.

The kid found a Mantis who was aggressivly studied (poked and prodded) before being released. I doubt he’ll stop by this house again!

I have dug out the winter merino and down jackets. A wooly hat on my crochet hooks. Wood is dry and ready to burn. Kindling being chopped almost daily.

A holiday in 3 week. Much excitement. In between cold meds and rest from the first bug of the season.



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    1. back to Europe in November. Over the U.S and Canada at the end of this month, through May.
      yes, our cats are very patient and understanding – i’m not sure the mantis was as accepting!

  1. I can’t believe how far behind I am, and it was Autumn even back then! I like your definition of ‘agressively studied’!

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