Yeah, I’ve got Enya’s Oricano Flow on repeated in my head. That’s what happens when you cabin share with a 5 yr old who likes bedtime music.

We successfully located and boarded the sip in LA. Although not before a white knuckle ride along the ‘freeway’. No reflection on our driver who was actually great. But coming from NZ. Single lane, overtaking on the right only. It was eye opening. Or more commonly known as terrifying.

The ship is huge. No lie. It’s taken me 3 days to just be able to find our cabin without referring to a map. The staff are uniformly delightful, friendly and helpful. Also possibly saints given how I’ve witnessed some people treat and speak to them. Why it seems acceptable to be rude to someone who is serving you is beyond me. The kid appears to be trying to cover any shortfall by uttering loud and prococious ‘hellos’ and ‘thank yous’ at every given opportunity. Thank god she’s fairly cute.

Being at sea in general is really fun, the sunsets are spectacular, we are all enjoying being relatively unplugged from the Internet. We do have access for keeping on top of work so it’s not manic when I get home, and I have 4G for when we are on land so in contactable and can Instagram repetitive and boring holiday pictures. Sorry. Not sorry really.

Speaking of photographs. I should probably put in a little mention to hubby. Nearly all the pics that I will publish for this holiday will be taken by him. I do have my camera with me. And I will possibly add a few of my own pics to the posts. But 99% will be his images. He is, quite honestly, a much better, more patient photographer than I am. No question. So for this trip, he has been given (foisted aggressively into him) the title of official photographer.

The first sea day went well. The kid tried the ships ‘kids club’ and enjoyed herself which is fabulous as not only does it give us a break from her and her a break from us but also allows her to cut loose with some little people of her own age. We have mooched about and even done some exercise. Yup! Excercise. Both hubby and I ran for 45 mins and are actually trying to use the time to ditch processed sugar.
Which I am aware is an odd thing to do while on holiday. But really for us it’s the perfect opportunity – no work, cooking or cleaning to worry about. No excuses to snack. It’s a 50:50 success so far. But not an epic fail so I’m calling that a win.


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  1. It looks wonderful, and sounds like it could be very relaxing. Good luck with the healthy eating, I have to say I always find it much easier in holiday type situations too.

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