Victoria BC was probably our favourite stop during the first week. The weather was fabulous and it’s a great place. We stopped by the butterfly gardens first thing and spent an lovely hour or so there. It’s a small place but really worth a visit. We got the local bus out there, longer but much cheaper!

After we we got back into town we headed out to Beacon Hill park for a walk and some fresh air. We walked from town into the park, which is no more than a couple of blocks. Then through the animal farm park. Man those goats were cute! Then down to the coastline and along the coastal path. We saw deer and bald eagles and harbour seals. It was lovely way to escape the crowds from the sip in the town centre and we mostly saw locals on the walk. The whole city is wonderful but that particular green space really blew us away.

We even got to drop the kid off at the ships kids club afterwards and grabbed a drink in the evening by the harbour.

(We did also stop in Astoria on the Oregon coast on the way up. It’s a sweet little town and we rented a car and did a bit of a drive about. We climbed the column and walked to the cathedral tree. The coast is so beautiful. It would be such a wonderful place to visit at leisure in the summer. But it was super grey and overcast so no pics besides anything I snapped for Instagram. Sorry!)


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  1. Hi Aimee. I found you through Mirari from Wendieland. You have a lovely blog with beautiful pictures. I also got a kick out of your intro. and i agree, wine does help with most things 😉

  2. Gorgeous blues again, and looking at your photos it seems incredible that they were taken basically right in a city.

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