Spring has come very slowly to us here, or so it feels anyway. Seeing the spring flowers and feeling sun on our faces has been really welcome. We have been struggling to really get into a groove with travelling about (Canada was great fun, post on that to come) health issues and feeling a little out of sorts.

I’m hoping that the nicer weather and more sunshine will bring some lighter spirits and make finding our rhythm a little easier. We have an exciting Easter with family and lots of activities planned and I have grand plans for trying to revamp our diets in the next few weeks to try and help with some of the health issues that are still rumbling on.

I’ve started slow with lactose free and cutting out gluten. Next week I’m going to try and cut out 90% of dairy as well. Hubby has been caffeine free for a few weeks. I will have to flex my cooking muscles and come up with something different from the usual 6 meals I rotate each week!

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  1. i find it so difficult to go gluten free… i use sourdough and chickpea flour but let’s face it, bread isn’t the same thing, though i don’t use wheat flour! i read that nowadays flour has its chromosomes so, so altered (hybridisations and so) and that’s why our bodies doesn’t tolerate it well. for dairy, it’s easy for me since i’ve never really liked milk. you can check yumly.com for new ideas, and also ella woodwards books are good and dairy free!
    how’s your man? did the doctors find the problem? mine’s been diagnosed fibromyalgia and these last weeks have been quite tough for him-us. so now he has to visit a pain doctor each 2 weeks, it’s kind of a therapy.

    1. I am do pleased they are helping your husband. For mine the headaches are still a mystery but seem to be improving a little, but the stomach aches are still bad. We have managed to do almost totally dairy free for a while (I still love yoghurt!) but as you say – bread just doesn’t taste the same without normal flour. We will keep trying and make the changes gradually but hopefully for the long term.

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