In early December we were lucky enough to head up to the North Island for the work christmas party and we tacked on a couple of days in Rotorua while we were up there. We did the whistle-stop tourist tour. The Luge, the volcanic areas and the redwoods.

The thermal volcanic area is amazing, but as the kid would tell you emphatically “it smells awful”. She’s not wrong, those amazing colours have to come from something, and in no small part thats sulphur – which stinks. It’s worth the stink to see it.

The luge is great fun, its a really long track down and the chair lift back up is almost as equally delightful as you meander above the fern trees and between the woods with the birds singing on both sides.

The redwoods are everything I hoped for and more. By the time we got there there were sore feet and hunger complaints and we opted for the tree top walk rather than a couple of hours tramp which id hoped to do. The high walk was great fun, longer than I expected (in a good way!) and not to horrifyingly high or wobbly for a big wuss like me. I did a short walk through the woods after and cannot wait to do more.

We are already planning another trip up at some point in 2018 if we can, a less tourist trip this time doing with lots of tramping, exploring and relaxing.

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  1. such a beautiful place, and all those sequoias!!! we’re soon visiting a sleeping volcano area, wendie’s dying to see a volcano, though it’s not like yours with so much activity.

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