Currently, I’m ..

Watching – Babylon Berlin on Netflix and Greys on demand as the episodes arrive express from the US. The former is weird, not awful, but definitely weird.

Listening to – The Greatest Showman soundtrack. On repeat, the kid loves it also.

Reading – I’m re-reading Legend by Marie Wu. Mostly because I forgot to get new stash of books out of the library and needed something to read and it was on my kindle ready to go.

Making – Trying to get back into more baking, mini frittatas and muffins this week

Sewing – cutting a jersey cards for the kid and a drawstring backpack for the kids copious dancing gear

Garden – pulling out old tomatoes and zinnias from the patio boxes that got battered in the winds and popping in some flowers for the end of summer into autumn. Also planning tree planting once the temps drop and the rainfall increases.

Dreaming – of patio furniture and autumn getaways

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  1. i’m in retard with netflix, i’ve started rotten but i see it very little by little.
    what kind of trees do you want to plant? i’d love to try with pears, because we already have apple trees (even if they aren’t very tasty)

    1. I go on and off netflix, currently im trying to read more as I start tv shows but give up very fast! We are hoping to plant a couple of maples nearer the house and probably golden ash or maples out the front as well for some colour and privacy. I’d like to get some nectarine and pear in out the back but I swing between wanting the fruit but the mess they make and that they attract wasps.

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