The summer holidays have really flown by and I am so sad they are coming to an end. I love having the kid about – totally drives me bonkers some days, but I love her company. We have been squeezing out as much as we can, evenings in the garden, watching the baler go round the field behind our garden.

A trip to a new river spot with friends and finding the most lovely place to picnic, swim and slide down rocks. I think it was the kids first time really swimming in a river rather than just paddling. It was cold, but she had a ball.

Gym holiday programme and finding Simone Biles dismount mark on the new beam at the gym (the apparatus has come from Doha where the world Championships were held). New skills that are so close to being there. Slowly adapting to a new gym and new coach and new squad. Stepping up to WAG competitive hours and expectations, taking time and being gentle.

With only a weekend to go I am determined to smoosh every possible special moment and memory out of these holidays. To try and enjoy each moment and no be grumbly and grouchy even when I’m tired or have already answered a hundred question. Because I know next week, when the house is quiet at 10am, I will be missing her fiercely.

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